Urbanation; Words from the street

african, illustration

Aikona = Never, Not on your life.

Imagine that you are out on the town in Capetown and you get to a posh club in you jeans and T-shirt. The bouncer, known as ‘The Pope’  stands between you and heaven, if he give you his blessing. He looks you up and down and says “Aikona.”  Night over

Urbanation: words from the streets

design, idea, Ken Wilson-Max

“Wattagwaan” or “wha gwan” is patois ( Jamaican slang) for ‘what’s going on?’ or ‘whats up!’

They beat me to it!

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picture of a a young man


Eish! I must be in a dwaal, ekse! These ouns got there first. But lekker! The more the merrier.

Urbanation: Words and phrases from the world of Hip-hop

illustration, Ken Wilson-Max

picture of a cool looking characterI’m always looking out for interesting slang words and phrases from all over the world. So I’ll be happy to accept comments containing new ones for me to illustrate. Keep it clean, though, this is a family blog.

Urban Chronicles; Volume one, No.2

idea, illustration, Ken Wilson-Max

slang word visualised

Breaking the recent stream of iPhone paintings, I’m on a quest to visualise as many slang words as possible, from as many countries as possible.  The criteria are that they must be either funny, common enough to be recognised, or particularly clever. I’ve established a small basic list which will keep me busy for a short while, but I need help finding new words. And just like the great actors, “I’ll only do nudity if it’s absolutely integral to the  story”, so don’t expect many offensive pictures. Word No. 2 is “Innit!”, used all over the UK. This sketch will hopefully become a finished illustration at some stage, so expect to see it again soon.