Finally, something to smile about

fashion, idea, illustration, iPhone illustrations, London

After months of practising something is, at last, beginning to happen. The iPhone paintings are beginning to turn into a style. It’s very exciting! This portrait evolved right before my eyes, the result of having seen a couple of wonderful art exhibitions, as well as reading the newspapers more than usual, flicking through picture books and being immersed in the task at hand.

The Market closes

design, illustration, iPhone illustrations, Ken Wilson-Max, London

My first attempt at painting an outdoor scene.  Definitely work in progress…

Chapel Market, Islington, North London

Urban Chronicles; Volume one, No.2

idea, illustration, Ken Wilson-Max

slang word visualised

Breaking the recent stream of iPhone paintings, I’m on a quest to visualise as many slang words as possible, from as many countries as possible.  The criteria are that they must be either funny, common enough to be recognised, or particularly clever. I’ve established a small basic list which will keep me busy for a short while, but I need help finding new words. And just like the great actors, “I’ll only do nudity if it’s absolutely integral to the  story”, so don’t expect many offensive pictures. Word No. 2 is “Innit!”, used all over the UK. This sketch will hopefully become a finished illustration at some stage, so expect to see it again soon.