A Brave Woman

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”She was the only person to accept the position,” said the mayor’s office in Praxedis Guadalupe Guerrero. The daily threat of violence in the town has claimed the lives of police officers and a former mayor.

”I took the risk because I want my son to live in a different community to the one we have today. I want people to be able to go out without fear, as it was before,” Marisol Valles said.

More than 2500 people have been killed this year in the Juarez valley region where the town is situated. The area is a high-traffic transit point for illegal drugs.

Ms Valles said her job would not be to fight drug trafficking because that responsibility fell on soldiers and federal police. Instead, she will focus on improving general security by rehabilitating public spaces and improving relationships between neighbours.

‘I’ve been well received and I know people will help me to work on solutions for security problems,” she said.

Marisol Valles is a 20 year old mother of a baby son, still a student and she is also the newest chief of police in a drug-plagued region of northern Mexico.

Metro Reader

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Finally, something to smile about

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After months of practising something is, at last, beginning to happen. The iPhone paintings are beginning to turn into a style. It’s very exciting! This portrait evolved right before my eyes, the result of having seen a couple of wonderful art exhibitions, as well as reading the newspapers more than usual, flicking through picture books and being immersed in the task at hand.


design, fashion, idea, illustration, iPhone illustrations, Ken Wilson-Max

picture of a fashionable woman

During the recent fashion weeks I couldn’t resist trying to capture a few images on my phone. I scoured websites and magazines looking for suitable candidates. I also tried to illustrate tracing from a photograph. As far as fashion goes this doesn’t work for me as well as it might for others as I can’t use my skills – the photo dictates where and how I paint. I ended up looking at the photos and making a drawing or painting from that. Most of the images on the iPhone are sketches, quick recordings of moments. It is all about observation. I hope to one day make large paintings based on these images… We can all hope, can’t we?

Out of time

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picture of a woman sitting on a train

I was sitting on a train when a striking woman walked and sat down.  I started a to draw, picking up the obvious things first. Two stops later she got off. I should have finished the picture off later as I had made enough of a mental note. but for some reason that didn’t happen and I suspected that I had captured enough of this woman’ presence. My question: Is it enough to capture the essential first impression of a subject?  Weeks later when I look at the image I can clearly remember the details I wanted to add to finish the image and strangely enough it feels satisfying because of that. I’ve tried to do this with photography for a several years. It’s quite ‘easy’ to achieve with a drawing, which ultimately has more possible outcomes, but I am struggling with the camera.