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Here’s something for you. A book to download or view that you can take as a present from me. All I ask is that you let me (and your friends) know what you think. Merry Christmas!

The Haircut

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“Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts.”
– Jim Morrison (1943 – 1971), No One Here Gets Out Alive

Grace Jones

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Grace Jones burst into my life in the early 1980’s with her singles ‘My Jamaican Guy’, ‘Pull Up to My bumper’ and subsequently the albums ‘Warm Leatherette’ and ‘Nightclubbing’. Then there was her iconic look and style. Talk about Girl Power! She still has it at the age of 62…
More importantly, for a black teenager growing up in a very new country she showed us that we are in charge of our own destiny. I will go so far as to say she really personifies the word unique. Grace Jones and Jean Paul Goude were a particularly brave couple who pushed boundaries in popular music and culture. They created Grace Jones the performer without a color or gender label, much like Michael Jackson or Prince, for instance at a time when skin colour defined the type of artist.


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Bus 153 from Finsbury Park To Liverpool Street

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picture of a man dressed for winter

Bus 153 Finsbury Park to Islington

It wasn’t that cold. Not really. No one had clouds of breath coming out of their noses when they breathed. No one blew into their clenched fists. For winter, it was actually a fair morning. Why doesn’t every person have the same tolerance of cold, or hot temperatures? No one else noticed and I’d thought myself into a dead-end long before the journey was over.