Pathways to… your dream


I am taking part in Pathways, which is a fantastic new programme for young and emerging children’s books and comics talent in the UK.

The Pathways into children’s publishing programme is a groundbreaking new two-year illustration programme for diverse, talented and ambitious artists taught by world-class illustrators and writers, university tutors, children’s editors and art directors. Pop Up Projects has partnered with House of Illustration in the UK and secured 12 publisher and 10 university affiliates who are giving money and time to this project to support the next generation of children’s illustrators!

The project aims to increase diversity and representation in children’s books. Help them find new and ethnically diverse illustration and comics talent from across the UK!

Applications are open until September 2nd. Enourage the young people you know to take part and make sure that they see themselves in the books they create.

You can find out more on, or on Instagram (@PathwaysINTO), Twitter (@PathwaysINTO) or Facebook (@PathwaysINTO)

Using watercolours. Or, is it watercolors?

children's books, design, illustration, kids, stories

I have always admired ‘watercolourists’! I also always thought, deep down, that it is a classical medium and that there are only so many ways to use it. But after seeing a few ‘modern’ ways to use watercolour I was inspired, or courageous enough to use them for the sketches stage of  a new book project. I must admit to being very nervous when I sent the water-coloured roughs to the publisher but am happy to report they went down well. With a bit of practise and luck it might help me widen my appeal as a children’s book illustrator.