The Mask

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© Ken Wilson-Max 2011

Masks have been worn for both ceremonial and practical purposes for as long as man has had a creative brain. They are usually worn on the face during storytelling and dancing.
A mask is a great device or prop for role-playing games and can help shy children to take part and enjoy the activity as much as everyone else. Here are fours to look at, out of an eventual six. When they are finished we’ll make them available to download. With Carnival season coming up in February they could make for a really fun lesson, or game at home.

Building Site

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This is from a project for Peaceable Kingdom Press. Its part of ‘My Toolbox – A memory concentration game plus a challenging puzzle’. It was fun to work on something like this with many components, especially after working on picture books solely for the last couple of years.  I could do another one, (hint).