Ring a ring o’ roses sketch

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Complete with spelling mistakes, here is the solution for the Ring a ring o’ roses rhyme. I decided at the beginning of the project to show everything, or as close to everything as possible. Painting will start on Thursday. It would be great to get this one right because I know from seeing them that children love to sing this rhyme and play the game.

Building Site

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This is from a project for Peaceable Kingdom Press. Its part of ‘My Toolbox – A memory concentration game plus a challenging puzzle’. It was fun to work on something like this with many components, especially after working on picture books solely for the last couple of years.  I could do another one, (hint).

The struggle continues

african, children's books, design, idea, illustration, Ken Wilson-Max, kids, London, stories

The look of the blog struggle continues! We’ve changed again this month and are still looking for the theme that best works for us until there is enough spare time to design one ourselves. This coming week Ken is at a number of libraries in Brent doing Life Size workshops with children as part of their summer programme. There will be five-hour long sessions over three or four days and he’s aiming to finish a full-sized lion painting in the this time!

In August we’ll be away and are not likely to post, although you never know! But on our return in September we should have a great deal of new material that we’ll be experimenting ono for a few weeks.

Life size

african, design, idea, illustration, Ken Wilson-Max, kids, London

On Wednesday, 30th June, I ‘ll be painting a Giraffe with school children from Drayton Park School in North London. Nothing unusual about that other than the fact that we’ll be painting a(3m tall) giraffe on a canvas that’s 3 x 2.7 m (around 10ft each way)in size! Including this one I have done a total of one paintings with these proportions.  A fully grown adult is between 4-6m tall…

The Life-Size project  shows children scale and size in real terms, teaching them about measurements, helping them to work together on a project and most of all have fun doing it. I hope they are as excited as I am nervous!

More about the project in a separate post, together with some pics from the day.

Here’s the sketch that we’ll working form, together with many photos, facts and figures.