Why Eco Girl?

I’ve been asked a few times how and why Eco Girl andAstro Girl came to be. So made a short video which has some of the answers.

It’s quite tricky to explain how publishing works because there aren’t very many easy answers. As a result any explanation can end up being long and indirect. But overall, making books for children is an enjoyable job. It’s not complicated but is conditional. It seems almost everything relies on something else happening to succeed. And its a business that has many experts in it; from accountants to sales people, analysts to visionaries.

Eco Girl is the second in a set of books that deal with sustainability and equality and try to encourage children to see themselves and their friends as equals. The first book is called Astro Girl, and the third book will be Aqua Boy. Each time a child is put a the heart of the story so that they can see how one little thing can make a big difference.


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