Astro Girl’s Women in Space

Since its release Astro Girl has been winning fans and praise around the world. The book would be less inspiring without the mention of the women astronauts.

We could only fit a handful of names in in the finished book, even though I planned to make many more illustrations. I found more than 40 women to add to the list. I have no idea how many I will manage to do, or when, but I am very much looking forward to it!

Shannon Matilda Wells Lucid is an American biochemist and a retired NASA astronaut. At one time, she held the record for the longest duration stay in space by an American, as well as by a woman (223 days 2 hours and 50 minutes).

She has flown in space five times including a prolonged mission aboard the Mir space station in 1996 and is the only American woman to have served aboard Mir.

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  1. Looking highly exciting for adults, I shall have to make sure the boo is covered in brown paper when reading on public transport or restrict myself to reading at home.

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