Books are too expensive, or so I’ve been told

What can you do? You hear something like, I really love your books but this one is too expensive. Why is so pricey?

You explain; all the expertise, time and hours that have gone in to making the book, the production in China, the… You realise that your fan has glazed over, dipped out, you’ve lost him or her.

16 illustrations later, many other hands involved in the process, the publisher’s cut, the bookstore’s cut, the distributor’s cut, everyone has a cut of your £7.99 book. I sometimes think it’s hard to be published these days because so many people have to get paid. We don’t seem to have found a better way to do this publishing thing.

On the other hand people will spend £30 on a poster, which is one piece of paper.  I found that out when I offered the Nursery rhymes by hand as A3 prints. A larger profit margin than a book and less effort. Cheaper to print, store and ship.

I haven’t seen many successful attempts at combining posters and books, i.e., one page books. I like the idea a lot.

I’m going to give it a try. Hold on for Design Tribe Books, coming your way soon. I’ll be posting more information over the coming weeks.


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