Be a voter!

african, design, From the sketchbooks, idea, illustration, Ken Wilson-Max, Zimbabwe

I was asked to illustrate a poster designed by Chaz Maviyane-Davies to get people to vote. The first time we worked together on a similar message was back in Zimbabwe when I was knee-high to grasshopper! I made an illustration for a magazine called Moto (meaning ‘Fire’ in Shona) which published a lot of sociopolitical stuff.

So I did the cover, thought nothing about it, and off it went to print. A couple of awards later and I knew a couple, of things; firstly, I was quite good at interpreting ideas, and secondly, I didn’t want to be down for doing heavy sociopolitical work alone. I wasn’t even 20 years old!

Anyway, that’s when I first had the bright idea to travel and seek my fame and fortune, but that is another story…

Fast forward to 2018 and the real need for people to take their social and political responsibilities seriously. This is how it took shape, from rough (very rough) sketches to finished art:

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And here’s the finished piece. Wherever you are , #be a voter!




Life in a modern city

african, illustration, iPhone illustrations, Ken Wilson-Max, London, North London

Many of us are familiar with this image. If you commute, you’ll have seen it countless times; maybe not this image exactly, it could be a man, or a different coloured paper, or a book or an electronic device. Its that ‘Don’t bother me!’  image. People guarding their personal space on their way to and from work. Life in a modern city anywhere in the world is tough. I often wonder how we do it, how we keep doing it, and whether we’ll know when enough is enough.