November brings a change

african, children's books, design, idea, iPhone illustrations, Ken Wilson-Max, London, North London, publishing

I’ve wrestled with the idea that most of these posts are somehow unfinished, incomplete in some way. There is an internal struggle about how to fix this;
I like observing people and trying to record them in a few minutes as much as I like making people up in my head and really trying to bring out their imaginary characters. These are two opposing side of my creativity.
But I am stuck in the middle. Neither here nor there is a frustrating! So I thought it would be a challenge to take more creative risks. I’ve started a blog on tumblr ( that is more grown up and hopefully more risky.
Here, I’ll be trying my hardest to push whatever boundaries I can within my chosen area of children’s and family safe illustration and topics.


african, idea, illustration, Ken Wilson-Max, London, North London

It seems like print is on the verge of extinction,in favour of profits and technology. It’s a shocking vision; perhaps we won’t see new books printed, only ‘pdf-ed’ or whatever other platform takes hold of us.  But while there are pages in a book and words to capture the imagination, let’s make merry and pray that the future isn’t written in stone (or code). To think that in a short while I will be sketching people on a train reading from a tablet. Funny. Its just not funny ha ha…

It might be time to dust off the old sketchbook, sharpen the pencil and go old school for a few months.