When I left Zimbabwe I recorded what I saw on my travels. The world was big and inviting. As I became more experienced and familiar with my surroundings and people, I started to appreciate being an African more… I started to see the world through my African lens. That became my super power.

I am still excited about seeing the world, about learning more, and about the power of stories. I write and illustrate books for children and I love my work! This site allows me to present it all in one place. I am always busy, even though I only do four things; illustrate, design and write and publish. But like I said, I love my work!

I am represented by Clare Wallace of Darley Anderson


  1. Hi Ken,

    How good to discover your blog. I am familiar with your work as I write picture books. You’ll find one of your covers on my new blog that is all about writing picture books.

    Thanks and best wishes,

    George Shannon

    1. Hi George
      Thanks for finding me. I’m just discovering your blog right now. I like that you are focusing on children’s books and especially like the critique service… I may even be able to send you a few customers in the coming weeks and months.
      Best of luck


  2. Hello Ken,
    I have no idea if you will see this, but I was looking online to find your contact information so I could send you a letter. I know this is very strange but I wanted to let you know that when my husband was a child, he had a copy of Little Red Airplane that he wore out from reading so much and carrying with him everywhere. He says that book is what got him interested in aviation and inspired him to become a pilot. We are both professional pilots and certified flight instructors and we love sharing our passion for aviation with others, including children.

    His copy of Little Red Plane was too loved to salvage, but I have ordered several more copies online to give to our niece, and someday maybe to our own children.

    I know that book was produced nearly 20 years ago, but he still talks about it to this day.
    Take care,

  3. Hi, Ken. I’m a children’s librarian in the U.S., and I will be reading Lenny in the Garden to two groups of 2 and 3 year-olds in a few weeks. I was wondering what tune you had in mind when you wrote the book. Curious children’s librarians want to know. Thank you for your Lenny books! My littlies love them!

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