Stars With Flaming Tales

The first poetry book I’ve had a the good fortune to be involved with is on the #CLiPPA2022 shortlist. So pleased! Wonderful poems by Valerie Bloom and a mountain of belief from Otter Barry Books.

It’s also one of the few older children’s books I’ve illustrated, in black and white, all finished digitally on a tablet. The whole experience was a big step out of my comfort zone and I am so glad to have done it.

The collection of poems by Valerie Bloom was a joy to work with and so the process was surprisingly smooth. Sometimes a risk can pay off in very big ways, but most times taking the creative risk is its own reward.

The CLiPPA (Centre for Literacy in Primary Poetry Award) is the only award solely presented for published poetry for children in the UK. Established in 2003, the annual Poetry Award encourages and celebrates outstanding poetry published for children.

As usual with any children’s book its a team effort, including players lithe editor, book designer and art director, and the publisher giving support, while insights from the poet proved invaluable. Then there we re the marketing and sales people and the production department who had to make this work as a product. Teamwork is one of the best attributes of book publishing.

The winner of the CLiPPA prize is announced in July.

The book is available at any cool local bookstore.

Stars With Flaming Tales cover
Poem- Mum Says She Loves Me
Mum Says She Loves Me

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