Astro Girls: Nancy Curry Greg

Nancy Currie-Gregg is an engineer, United States Army officer and a NASA astronaut. Her Twitter account (@Astro_Buckeye) introduction reads; @NASA Astronaut, @TAMU professor, engineer, wife, grandmother, reining horse enthusiast.

She has been on four space shuttle missions and spent 1,000 hours in space. She flew as mission specialist – flight engineer, in 1993, 1995, 1998 for the first International Space Station assembly mission, and 2002.

An astronaut since 1990, she has been involved in robotic hardware and procedure development for the shuttle and space station and has worked as a spacecraft communicator.

In September 2003, Currie-Gregg was selected to lead the Space Shuttle Program’s Safety and Mission Assurance Office. As of 2006, she serves as the Senior Technical Advisor to the Automation, Robotics, and Simulation Division in the JSC Engineering Directorate.

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