Empathy beats Racism

It might sound like a special edition of rock, paper, scissors, but the current world events triggered by the fatal arrest of African American George Floyd are no laughing matter.

They have got everyone thinking, talking, shouting, but no longer avoiding the issue of racism. Learning to empathise is certainly going to help. What must it be like to lose a loved one and then find out their death is playing non stop on the internet? What could it possibly feel like when you are part of community that isn’t being heard or seen? Try to imagine so you can understand.

I spend a fair amount of time reading current affairs and then trying to explain them to children and young people. The articles always have to be balanced, but compelling enough for young readers to ask questions. I am trying to put together an article or two on race and politics. It occurred to me that there probably has to be a resolution before these articles are published. We need to move to what happens after the emotions have been let out. We need to see some real change…

So in the meantime I am reading. Government reports, white papers, research papers, theses. They have all revealed some shocking and interesting statistics form all over the world which deserve discussion.

Here are first few.

I’m trying out something new and interactive; Use the form below to let me know if this kind of content works (or not).

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