One Of My Most Enjoyable Projects

It could be my age, or perhaps the fat that I have found some extra time these days, but I have ben looking at work done so far. It has thrown up some pleasant surprises! First, it seems that I have worked on more books than I thought. And secondly, when I look at them I can almost remember each brush stroke. Children’s publishing has changed and I always wonder what it must be like for first time author/illustrators now. Sure, it must be exciting, but go back twenty or so years ago and it was a fantastic time to have ideas and be an ‘author’. I could go on, but I won’t…

I recently worked on this title for Holiday House, whose style and dealings reminded me very much of the old days in the best way. The whole experience made it one of the most enjoyable projects for a very long time. The Little Plant Doctor matched my mood at the time and I have looked for other similar projects since. MAny ideas popped into my head; what about the Banana Boat Song (six foot, seven foot, eight foot, bunch!)? Or, the story of Pele, to ame a couple?

Anyway, it set me on a new and different path. It isn’t necessarily an easy one to take, as it may not be as lucrative as the mainstream, but it has been very rewarding so far. Watch this space

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