African Mythical Creatures: Abada ‘The Unicorn’

Abada (The Unicorn) © Ken Wilson-Max 2013
Abada (The Unicorn) © Ken Wilson-Max 2013

I am getting really good feedback about this series. I thought I should shout that out. It makes me feel good too. Thanks to all of you. 

In the Kongo language of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Abada is a mythical animal not unlike a unicorn. The Abada, however, has two crooked horns as opposed to a unicorn’s single one. The Abada’s horns can act as an antidote to poison. The Abada is been described as being the size of a small donkey with the tail of a boar. It also goes by the name of “Nillekma” or “Arase”. and is said to be native to Kurdufan, a former province of central Sudan.

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