Long Time!

I didn’t expect to be away for so long. There were things that need to be done and done properly. I used to do many more books in a year. But I chose to slow down. Now, the ones I do, I have to fight for. In between, I design stuff. 


The last six moths were spent designing stuff, thinking up new ideas, refining existing ones. It has not been a straightforward experience. 


December has usually the most time to think, with cities slowing down for the holidays. While I’m not a Christmas fan, I do love ‘free time’ as it allows me to catch up with people and things that have lapsed or drifted out of touch.

One of those things is trying to decide if self publishing is for me. It’s a very difficult decision. Sure, I know I must try, but what to try first? With sketchbooks full of ideas, it’s agony!

So the next few months will be spent deciding which project, developing it, producing it and publishing it. I have a couple of favourites, which I’ve blogged about already. Feedback from publishers over the spring and summer months was so-so; encouraging enough to keep going.

I hope to share the developments here and perhaps try to generate some debate along the way.



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