Chicken Newspaper

Chicken! is a newspaper for primary school children, their teachers and grown ups. It is also for children’s content creators. We decided to bring good design together with children’s content into a tabloid newspaper format. And it works!
Chicken is a quarterly publication and will be published once a school term. The newspaper is intended to be free to schools, supported by local business.

Chicken will feature activities,and games, posters, and stories that supplement primer school learning as well as being fun and enjoyable.
There will also be news items that are relevant to children and match the theme of each issue.

Chicken will be available in print and online. It starts in one school in one neighbourhood in January 2014.
Take a look at the first issue: here

We would like to get a copy of chicken! into the hands of every primary school child. Help us reach that goal by sponsoring one or more copies for £3.00 ($4.00) each.  The ideal sponsorship bundles for Chicken to thrive are listed below.  If you would like to sponsor a copy, fill in the form below and we will contact you.


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